Judeo/Christian Hispanic Voters To Save America? Read The Book.

***UPDATE ON OCT.25, 2012*** "Mexican Point of View of Obama´s Presidency", A video posted on youtube on Oct. 1, 2012. Listen carefully on what happened with Spains last two-term Presidency, as well as Mexico's past Presidency.
Author interview from Sep. 30, 2012
   God has shown me in the month of August, 2012, that Mexican immigrants who are here as guests or American citizens will help lead our nation back to the U.S. Constitutional ways our founding fathers, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, intended.
   We've come a long way since then, and I'm not sure if I want to be here when push comes to shove. But in any case, when God guides, God provides. And if God be for you, then who can be against you. God has also shown me that those who are so against Hispanic immigrants are going to be ashamed of themselves, but the shame won't be a problem because as what so often happens when things are right, regardless of any past regrets, the winners leave those regrets behind, and push toward a worthy goal.
   I have never once thought anything about any particular nationality having anything to do with being of any help concerning improving our nation, as I mentioned above, either. I've spent most of my adult life seeing the problems unfold un-hindered as I was left to struggle for and obtain, very unsuccessfully and slowly, for the most part, the "American Dream that my parents and grandparents seemed to have had given to them on a silver platter, but not before first many thousands dying for, beforehand. And I'll ad that my parents and Grandparent had it extremely rough before tasting any type of wealth.
  God is going to use Hispanic skilled laborors in all trades, and he's going to use factories run by Hispanics to supply food, as well as many other trades and skills. I assure you I have no relation to anything other than my family, friends and work. All I want to do is work and mind my own business and preach the Gospel as the lord leads, online, church and wherever He sends me. But I try my hardest to resist the garbage online about things people think are patriotic. Alot of mis-informed people are motivated by bigotry and hate, but nothing ever happens right until God guides things, so I'm not worried. All you have to do is see how respectable black Americans and Native Americans are regardless of all they've been through. It's because God ruled their hearts. And I  see the same in the Central and South American/Americans too.
   But now, the cat is out of the bag, and the events God has shown me, that I chose not to reveal to anyone simply because my opinion is that my people really don't care much for the things God shows someone else personally, have been amazingly confirmed by a new friend, Johnny Murillo, in his new book, "Lost In Red Land."
   I need to stop my own dialogue here, simply because you can get more of it in a much more enjoyable read, through Johnny's new book. I say you can get the same because as I read the book, which I obtained an e-copy of, it was just like reading my own writing. I continuously saw my own thoughts and lessons throughout the book. And if you are familiar with constantly learning deep truths from God Himself regarding all of your lifes lessons, trials and events, you will enjoy this book. I can't tell you what's in it either, other than it confirms what I told you above. 
   Here is the link and a summary of the new book. And I strongly urge everyone who calls herself or himself a Christian, Constitution-loving American, to read this book now. (Clik on the link, not the photo.) The promo code for the free download is, FACEBOOK


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