Lisa Whelchel, "Facts of Life" Star Divorce WRONG?

   I'm not going to use Scripture/verse to back up my writing on this, because this is a no-brainer that is obvious. And I'm not going to post the couple short paragraphs with the carefully worded media statements, that somehow, the media was sattisfied with, except for the examiner.coms version, which ALSO includes those statements as well.  
    "Lisa Whelchel WROTE about how falling in love with her now-ex took some time and was rather unexpected. Whelchel never felt attracted to him, but she married him to appease her father." - ( ) 
   To me, when one uses the pulpit, church and ministry for writing books, inspirational speaking and conferences encouraging millions of other Christians on how one's marriage is loving and Godly, and there is no apparent reason of anything drastic such as adultery, abuse or so-called abandonement or "spiritual abandonement", and many other pc reasons for divorce, one who "believes in Godly family and marriage" would practice what they preach. I am also divorced, not by my will, but for wrong reasons, but I am absolutely disgusted and hurt (NOT indignant or castigating), on these types of relationships and divorces, and even my own divorce. I wish I had known better then, as I do now.
   My divorce was probably the worst pain I will ever have to suffer in my life. It hurts me deeply, but this celebrity divorce is now merely on the long list of things that are WRONG WRONG WRONG. We must warn our children, colleagues and brothers and sisters in Christ to THINK THINK THINK things through. WRONG is WRONG no matter what color one wants to paint it.
  Why can't so many people say wrong without having a seizure? Divorce is WRONG. WRONG; not to be confused with BONG or GONG.
   Biblically, as the Examiner has reported this divorce, supposing it's true, is BIBLICALLY wrong. And those who got married in a church, and yet don't subscribe to Biblical definitions of a permissible divorce, are WRONG too. With all judgementalism or castigating aside, it is true that we must stop using God's name in vain by marrying in church if we have no interest in God's thoughts of marriage and divorce. And with all that said, I need to also say that there may be some more valid reasons for Lisa Welchel's divorce, but she chose not to disclose them. And she has that right to her privacy. But the important thing in my writing this, is that we all need to think things through before making big decisions such as marriage, and for goodness sake, make extra effort to know eachother well and to make a continuous effort to remain in love. We can do this.
   Well, it's 1:21 AM Pacific time Sunday morning now, and I bid you all a good night (good morning).

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