Syrian Hospitals and Schools Now Targets! Prophecy For Syria, Russia, Iran, San Diego, CA, and Oregon

Syrian Hospitals and Schools Now Targets!
 Prophecy For Syria, Russia, Iran, San Diego, CA, and Oregon

By: Michael D. Tobin February 15, 2016

  If you were awakened about 3AM this morning, this may be why. The report was 9:26AM eastern time, 6AM my time (Pacific) and I heard my son scurrying around the livingroom. Then my roommate. And I was thinking, "what's going on there's no earthquake. Why all of the sudden are we awake at this time?" Well, as Christians, it is not uncommon to be awoken at early hours to pray for various subjects while all is quiet with no distractions. So they went back to sleep and I just said, Lord, earthquakes, wars, and now treasonous acts! (Yesterday's news of SCOTUS Justice, Scalia, dying in his sleep, and strangely, regardless of his absolute crucial membership in SCOTUS toward 2nd Amendment rights and various other rights he has supported, and the imbalance that would follow with a nominee from our current Administration, his family discloses they want no autopsy done for possible causes of death.)
  I pray against them all right now in Jesus' name! And I was aggravated because usually it's disasters or war or ministry friends on travel who need prayer at that "3 am call". Then suddenly I thought, what else could it be?    Treason. That just makes me so angry we here in our great nation are all disgusted and disgusting enough. And now add treason to our prayer lists because it's a trend that keeps getting worse.
I recorded a video after a prophetic dream several years ago, specifically mentioning Damascus and a hospital. I'm only writing about this to share what God has been warning us about ahead of time. Also to share the hope we have in Jesus. And you'll see in these following videos what I mean, if you have the time to check them out.. Evidently I believe I chose not to actually WRITE about my dream of Damascus, Syria, but chose to only mention it in VIDEO form, but here is one video from May, 2011 shortly after the Syrian so-called civil war began and I had been writing and doing videos about, warning of war in Syria. And the second one, I'll also post about a dream I had, where I specifically mention a hospital in Damascus, Syria, being guarded by a Syrian military guard, after discussing another dream I had around the same time, of Iran and possibly Russia, being involved in two explosions in San Diego, California's San Diego harbor area.

   I just searched hard for this 4 yr old video and turns out this is the only place where I chose to mention my dream of Damascus, Syria in yet another dream, which was of a Syrian military guard on top of a hospital building guarding the hospital. In light of this news this morning, and years of specific prayer for Damascus,If you remember, the Syrian civil war began in march, 2011, and before anything like hospitals were even a thought about targets, I had posted this video in 7 months later when the war was still new. Also, I made reference to a dream of Oregon I had back around 2002, but didn't mention what it was about. So now I guess I should. It was shortly after the Beltway Sniper, who traveled from Washington state, to Virginia, where he was ultimately killed. But in that particular dream, I had seen a brifge halfway complete, but abandoned, in a remote forested location, and a Middle Eastern man had been there and had a rifle, and was planning an attack. But on who, I don't know. he was there, with no homes or any businesses or town in sight. 14 years later, we now know Oregon is on definite plans for the recent Syrian refuge crisis, to allow thousands of refugees to be taken in the state of Oregon. Why does the Lord show me, or us, these things? It is extremely fascinating, but we are to be concerned, with loving hearts for souls to be added to God's kingdom, and PRAY. Time is short.But moving on to Syria, I now fear, and am concerned, that hospitals may become a trend as targets. That is what I am and have been praying about since that dream. Guaranteed this will be a huge factor in whatever happens next either for the worse or hopefully better. If worse, Pray for Damascus and their hospitals. This is about as evil as it gets.  


22 dead, 8 presumed dead after 2 hospitals struck in Syria, sources say

(CNN)Two hospitals and a school building in northern Syria were struck Monday morning, leaving at least 22 people dead, and eight others are missing and presumed dead, according to reports.

Fifteen people were killed when a hospital and a school building that was housing displaced people were struck in Azaz, in Syria's Aleppo province, according to a hospital worker on the scene. Up to 40 other people were wounded.

A hospital employee known as Moudhar told CNN that staff members were evacuating the wounded after the first strike on the Women and Children's Hospital when the complex and a road leading to the Turkish border were struck again. Women and children were among the dead, he said.
Another projectile hit a nearby school building housing displaced people, he added.
It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the strikes.
Speaking in Kiev, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu blamed Russia for the strikes in Azaz, which is close to the Turkish border, claiming Moscow had targeted the complex with ballistic missiles fired from the Caspian Sea.
Moscow did not immediately respond to the accusation.

Seven dead, eight missing in Idlib

In a separate attack, a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders at Maarat al-Numan in Syria's Idlib province was destroyed after being struck four times within minutes, the medical humanitarian organization said.
Images from the scene showed the hospital reduced to mostly twisted metal and other rubble.
The remains of the hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders in Maarat al-Numan.
At least seven people were killed and eight others were missing, and presumed dead, after the attack, the organization said in a statement.
The dead consisted of five patients, a caretaker and a hospital guard, while eight staff members were missing. Patients were also missing, but their current numbers were unknown, said the statement.
The organization had earlier given the number of dead as nine.
Doctors Without Borders believed that the strike had been carried out by the Syrian government-led coalition, a spokeswoman told CNN. Syria's government has not responded to the accusation.
The statement said about 15 other houses and buildings in populated zones were hit in the area about the same time.
"This appears to be a deliberate attack on a health structure, and we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms," said Massimiliano Rebaudengo, Doctors Without Borders' head of mission.
"The destruction of the hospital leaves the local population of around 40,000 people without access to medical services in an active zone of conflict," he said.
A victim is carried on a stretcher after the strike on the hospital in Maarat al-Numan, Idlib province.
Maarat al-Numan is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Azaz.
The 30-bed hospital had 54 staff members, two operating areas, an outpatient department and an emergency room.
The outpatient department treated around 1,500 patients a month, the emergency room carried out about 1,100 consultations a month, and around 140 operations were performed in the operating areas, the statement said.
Airstrikes earlier this month killed three people and wounded at least six at a Doctors Without Borders-supported hospital in Daraa governorate, southern Syria, on February 5, the aid group said.

Chaos in northern Syria

Northern Syria has been the scene of intense fighting recently, with Syrian regime forces, backed by Russian air power, pursuing a major offensive on the key city Aleppo, and Turkey bombarding Kurdish People's Protection Units, or YPG, near Azaz over the weekend.
Turkish strikes on YPG Kurds complicate Syrian chaos
Turkish strikes on YPG Kurds complicate Syrian chaos 01:17
Turkey said it was a response to shelling from YPG positions. Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz said Sunday that his country had no intention of sending ground troops into Syria, amid international concern about Ankara's actions.
The United States and France called on Ankara to halt the bombardment, which killed two Kurdish fighters and wounded seven others, according to a London-based monitoring group, and Syria complained to the U.N. Security Council about the Turkish shelling.
Turkey considers the YPG a terrorist group, while the United States backs it in the fight against ISIS.
Western powers have also been critical of Russia's actions in Syria, saying it was undermining the prospects of implementing a recently agreed upon cessation of hostilities by bombing civilians. Moscow denies the allegations.

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