Michael Tobin Show Gary Johnson Hollywood Rally & Final Presidential Debate

Michael Tobin Show: Final 2016 Presidential Debate & Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Hollywood Rally
By: Michael D. Tobin Oct 19, 2016

AUDIO: Post-debate FOX commentary, repeat debate, followed by my live coverage from Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA of candidate Gary Johnson. Concluded by Gary Johnson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

CLIK HERE FOR: The final Trump-Clinton debate transcript, annotated

Published on Oct 19, 2016

VIDEO: Recorded live, Libertarian candidate's vision for education in California and U.S. and national legalization of marijuana Michael Tobin Show 2016 Presidential candidate Libertarian 3rd party Gary Johnson Hollywood Rally on Sunset Blvd Oct 19, 2016

Line-up: (1) Post debate commentary, (2) repeat complete 3rd final debate between Trump/Hillary, (3) Gary Johnson's live speech from Boulevard3 on Sunset Blvd from this afternoon in Hollywood (4) and finally, Gary Johnson LIVE on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. Today I drove from San Diego to Hollywood for the Gary Johnson Hollywood Rally & back in time for the repeat final Trump/Hillary debate before the Nov 8 elections. I recorded Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson live at Boulevard 3 on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA and rushed back home to North San Diego County in time to get the repeat debate and commentary following end of first debate. Enjoy and stay tuned for Gary Johnson following the debate commentary and entire debate. Then Gary Johnson on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

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