The Hot Trump Mic Video and Switching to Johnson/Weld Ticket

 The Hot Trump Mic Video and Switching to Johnson/Weld Ticket 
By: Michael D. Tobin Oct. 8, 2016

  This blog is not to excuse Donald Trump or refuse to mention anything Hillary is accused of or has done in the past and continues to do. Her actions are very well known and for the life of me (Please don't kill me Hillary), I don't see how anybody can support her in any capacity.   But this election is all about the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. It's as simple as 1+1. Getting upset and giving up is the worst thing to do this time. Don't say we're all screwed until we see if Hillary gets elected because so many people suddenly got smart and gave up. Don't do it people. I know what you're talking about with a lot of the b.s.articles and things you see on television and online. Chew on the meat and throw out the bones. 

  The fact that so many evangelicals, Catholics and many more in the Christian world have supported Donald trump for as long as we have, and have been coming toward his support daily, shows one of the biggest displays of Christian love and acceptance toward anyone who claims to stand for right and good, and a true Constitutional love for our country, regardless of the person's past. Because that's what Jesus is all about. I spent hours last night studying candidate Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

  I listened to Gary Johnson's comments on abortion. It's still Constitutional that women have the right to vote in their own states to restrict abortion also. Any Constitutionalist agrees that the states should make their own legislation and the Federal government should not usurp what states have legislated. States enact laws accepting or prohibiting certain things, yet certain Federal laws usurp certain state laws, depending on a President's, Sheriff's or even unelected official's personal opinions.The big desire for all of us Constitutional conservatives is for the Fed to get out of our states business and land ownership. The Fed usurps state laws all the time and it is literally illegal and un Constitutional for them to do this. Regardless of who becomes President, OTHER THAN Hillary Clinton, there are plenty in line to move our next President, other than Hillary, to remove some of those law-of-the-lands that Johnson had mentioned that we all must obey.   ANYBODY other than Hillary would be better than Hillary. 

Here is Donald Trump with an apology recording:

Here is a very explosive Robert De Niro


  I don't believe Donald Trump is beyond forgiveness, as many of my Christian friends are focused on. The lesser-of-two-evils has been the weakness of our country and we are all sick of it, but many still lack the faith to do something about it. Donald Trump has weathered all manner of resistance for over a year since he released his Presidential candidacy plans.

  And hardly two days passed from the release of the 11-year old Donald Trump video and the above video of Donald Trumps rare apology, when suddenly an article pops up full of homework someone at CNN has done on the Billy Bush/Bush connection.

  For all readers and listeners who may be rooting for myself and millions of others to switch to the Johnson/Weld ticket (God forbid should anyone switch to Hillary. Please don't kill me Hillary) in light of recent developments: In light of this development, I will no longer even REMOTELY be considering switching, because...well because of THIS: Billy Bush was indeed, a MOLE, as I had wondered.

 Look what I just found. I had mentioned two days ago on facebook I have a feeling this Trump expose' video is not something from the Hillary camp, and it sounds more like something GOP establishment would do to get rid of Trump, and it's the ol' classic get-the-dirt-on-a-possible-future-political-hopeful in-case-we-need-it type thing. (Can you hear Agent 86's voice?) But NOW I can't find my comments. The next thing I was going to do after viewing the video was to research Billy Bush. But I had already been engrossed for for four days doing what I can online twitter to search and post all relevant material on twitter to post for victims, homeowners, renters and responders during Hurricane Matthew so as much available reference and information can be visible for all to live through that nightmare as effortlessly as possible.
And I find it more repulsive and DEPLORABLE, that the Bush's would release this video during a time of one of America's worst natural disasters in 10 years, obviously hoping for enough Americans to be too exhausted to think straight in light of Hurricane Matthew and it's destruction along the first five states from south Florida on up to Virginia. Truly the Clinton's and Bush's really have no concern for all us little people, just so long as we vote for them. All the evidence for that is in the pudding ever since the HW Bush Presidency. The nation is concerned about the Hurricane Matthew Path. Well just look at the Bush Clinton Path. When's the last time a Bush or a Clinton has NOT run for President? How many years has a Bush been in the Whitehouse either as President or V.P.? I count 20 years since collectively between HW, and W Bush's. And 8 years for Hillary and Bill already. Do YOU want to help the Clinton's catch up? And don't forget George H.W. Bush recently told a Kennedy family member he plans on voting for Hillary. O REALLY? never mind all the collective things all the Bush's disclosed in past opposition to Hillary and Bill Clinton. It's no longer important? i don't think so. I believe it should be farewell time for both palaces. Enough malice in the palace for America, ok?
So here, in an 11:03PM Oct 8, 2016 article, is just who Billy is. I really wasn't thinking on the lines Billy was a relationship to the Presidential Bush family, but it turns out he is. I was just curious who he is because as I commented online, and now can't find those comments, Billy Bush had the look on his face that he just did a bad thing when he asked Trump for the mic at the end of the video, and trump looked surprised, too.

Now, based on this intriguing development, I do believe all my research and justifications for others to possibly change tickets from trump to Johnson, should jump back to a definite Trump supporter, as I have been since day one.
And by the way, you know the Bible tells us Satan accuses us to God daily, and God just says, "what do you mean?" Because the Bible also says when we are forgiven, our sins are thrown into the sea of forgetfulness. Look at how old that video is and how suddenly it is thrown at us. We can't let political world dominators do this to us and expect us to fall for their malicious ways, hook line and sinker.
And next time you feel it is useless to vote your conscience, remember this:
1 Samuel 14:6 Jonathan said to his young armor-bearer, "Come, let's go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised men. Perhaps the LORD will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few."

And just look at this for a second: 

Billy Bush: The other voice in the Donald Trump video
Craig Barritt/Getty Images An Aug., 2016 photo of Billy Bush

His father, Jonathan Bush, is a banker and GOP donor who is the brother of former President George H.W. Bush. That means Billy Bush is a cousin to former President George W. Bush, as well as failed 2016 presidential nominee Jeb Bush.
For the moment, however, Billy Bush is only one thing: the other voice on the 2005 "hot mic" video obtained by The Washington Post that has dropped like a bomb into the presidential race.
Bush is heard prodding GOP nominee Donald Trump through a series of vile and degrading comments about women, while adding a few demeaning comments of his own.
Of course, there is deep irony that a member of the Bush family played an unwitting, yet central, role in the worst crisis of Trump's campaign.
Trump's hostile takeover of the Republican Party usurped the Bush family and their effort to re-establish control over the GOP establishment. Jeb Bush, with his $100 million war chest, started the 2016 race as the favorite.
Trump eviscerated the Bush campaign. He hammered his rival as "low energy" and "weak on immigration" -- a symbol of the party establishment that Trump's angry supporters abhor.
After the election, Jeb Bush emerged as a prominent critic of Trump and said he would not vote for the Republican nominee. On Friday night, he joined the chorus of Republicans condemning Trump's "reprehensible comments."
But Jeb Bush had nothing to say publicly about his cousin, the other voice on the videotape.
Billy Bush is not a politician. He spent more than a decade hosting "Access Hollywood," and he co-hosted spinoff "Access Live" for about six of those years.
He also hosted the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants from 2003 to 2005. Both pageants -- which have been the source of other Trump controversies -- were owned by Trump at the time.
In August, Bush left "Access" and joined the on-air crew of "Today," NBC's highly profitable morning show.
Soon after, Bush was in the center another viral video -- one of him and Today show co-host Al Roker aruging over whether Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte only "embellished" his account of a gas station robbery.
Bush is 44, and married with three daughters. His first first media gig was hosting a D.C. morning radio show called "Billy Bush and the Bush League." He starred in a 2013 documentary about rhinos, called "Chasing Rhinos with Billy Bush."
He told the New York Times in 2005 that he would "never" try to leverage his famous relatives. ''Roger Clinton tried to use his brother to promote himself and his career,'' Bush said. ''I'd never do that.''
Now he's very famous on his own.
On Friday, Bush quickly apologized for his role in the Trump video. "I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I'm very sorry," he said in a statement.
The next steps for Bush aren't clear. On "Today," he is co-host of the 9 a.m. hour and regularly appears during other hours of the four-hour broadcast. The show has a predominantly female audience.
Bush's Facebook page and the "Today" show's page are full of angry comments. Some viewers say they want Bush to be suspended or fired. NBC News is not commenting.
In August, the "Today" show website wrote a story welcoming Bush to the team: "And we can't wait to see what the future holds now that he'll be with us every morning." CNNMoney's Brian Stelter contributed to this report.)

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