Join Me For What The Heck Is Going On? More Terror & Grace w/Video/Audio Links

 Join Me For What's Going On. PROMO For Pts 1-2
By: Michael D. Tobin
June 6, 2017

Join Me For What's Going On. PROMO

Twitter Periscope VID LINK:

What The Heck Is Going On!? Trump SOU/Manchester, etc...PT 1

What The Heck Is Going On!? Manchester, London Terror PT 2

I encourage others to go ahead and start a blog and a podcast and share what the Lord is showing you. We are without excuse. Our little pet projects are no excuse to not delve into actual spiritual warfare where major battles are won.
There are many battles. I share a video clip in the above Promo, and it is of  just one thing, that takes many to be a part of, and those whose names are well-known, are really merely managers of what the many of us give. (Money talks, b.s. walks.) Many pastors are definitely involved in more action and less talk. Talk about solutions? Guaranteed many of those who are pointing fingers from the pews and keyboards would have no time to point fingers and complain if they were actually doing something. 
Within the three podcasts I share above, I discuss England's recent terror attacks, our new President Trump's first overseas travels, recent celebrity uproars and repulsive things they've said and how we as a nation and as active Christian's are active within all the events that are unfolding in a Biblical and even prophetic aspect. 
I heard from a national security expert that he has no faith that the single most important factor in winning against our enemies can even be achieved here in the U.S., which is simply, awareness, because too many are too self absorbed to even care. Awareness is number one. Then comes action. Here is a current video clip of what our pastors are involved with and there is much more. So before anyone gets any notions that many others aren't doing anything, here is proof they are. While we're focused on terror and espionage, there's also poverty. But let's not forget about the Gospel. You don't have to be in a video to be involved. Remember the account where many 'stayed by the stuff' as David went and rescued the captives, and they ALL shared equal participation and reward whether they stayed by the stuff or went out to actual physical battle. And guaranteed those who stayed by the stuff actually were busy doing SOMETHING instead of pretending they were useful. 

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