Romania, ISIS Defeated, Reality Winner, Your Children & MORE PT2

(UPDATE JUNE 21, 2017 PROPHETIC EVENT COMES TO PASS: As reported by The Wall Street Journal: Islamic State Militants Blow Up Historic Mosque in Mosul, Iraqi Military Says Iraq’s military says mosque destroyed as government forces closed within 50 meters of structure…/islamic-state-militants-blow-up-histo… ALSO: 933 PLAYS ON SPREAKER PODCAST SO FAR, AND 1030 PLAYS ON YOUTUBE VERSION of "Prophetic Events While Trump Visits Poland, & The Destruction of ISIS" . Meanwhile, there have been several more terrorist attacks in England since posting this blog and audio, as well as in France, Belgium and most recent today here in the U.S. But remember; All hell is still about to break loose and it has begaqn already and soon to be in full force, coinciding as the timeline I laid out in the audio.) 

Romania, ISIS Defeated, Reality Winner, Your Children & MORE PT2
By: Michael D. Tobin
June 09, 2017

Romania, ISIS Defeated, Reality Winner, Your Children & MORE PT2

Reality Winner And Stuff PT1

Prosecutors warned U.S. Magistrate Judge Brian Epps that Winner might have more stolen secrets. Solari said investigators have learned Winner inserted a portable hard drive in a top-secret Air Force computer before she left the military last year. She said authorities don’t know what happened to the drive or what was on it. (  )

FROM Craig C. White: The two ISIS capitals are under siege in Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. The ISIS organization is expected to be greatly reduced in the next couple of weeks.…/raqqa-isis-attack-battle-off…
I think that the Prophet Nahum predicts the flooding of ISIS in Mosul. Read my commentary titled The End of ISIS is near!

From Franklin Graham: Ontario has just passed Bill 89 that says parents could be accused of discrimination and abuse if they don't go along with their kids’ “gender expression.” Can you imagine having the government take your children away from you if the children decided they felt like switching their gender identity and you disagreed? This law is not supported by science, Scripture, logic, research, experience, or common sense. This is totalitarian and oppressive! I hope Bible-believing churches and Christians across Canada will stand against this wicked law that has been pushed by progressives and the LGBT community. This is another example of why who we vote for on the local, provincial, and national levels is so important! And the U.S. had better be on guard against laws like this being pushed right here in our own backyard.

From Dr. Robert Jeffress 
Senator Bernie Sanders, in declaring his intention to vote against Russell Vought because of his Evangelical Christian faith, has not only launched a direct attack against the Constitution by applying a religious test, he has also attacked tens of millions of Evangelicals, who embrace the same historical Christian beliefs as Vought.

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