Prophetic Events While Trump Visits Poland, & The Destruction of ISIS

(UPDATE JUNE 21, 2017 PROPHETIC EVENT COMES TO PASS: As reported by The Wall Street Journal: Islamic State Militants Blow Up Historic Mosque in Mosul, Iraqi Military Says Iraq’s military says mosque destroyed as government forces closed within 50 meters of structure…/islamic-state-militants-blow-up-histo… ALSO: 933 PLAYS ON SPREAKER PODCAST SO FAR, AND 1030 PLAYS ON YOUTUBE VERSION. Meanwhile, there have been several more terrorist attacks in England since posting this blog and audio, as well as in France, Belgium and most recent today here in the U.S. But remember; All hell is still about to break loose and it has begaqn already and soon to be in full force, coinciding as the timeline I laid out in the audio.) 

Nouri Grand Mosque in Mosul

Prophetic Events While Trump Visits Poland, & The Destruction of ISIS
By: Michael D. Tobin
June 9, 2017

(UPDATE June 12, 2017 10:05 PM Pacific Time, from 2 hours ago found on Greta Van Susteren's facebook page: BREAKING NEWS!! SENATE JUST AGREED ON THESE SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA / PUTIN:
Monday, June 12, 2017

Senators Announce Agreement on Russia Sanctions
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Chairman Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Ranking Member Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) and Ranking Member Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) today announced a bipartisan agreement on legislation to strengthen and expand current U.S. sanctions on Russia.
The amendment to the underlying Iran sanctions bill maintains and substantially expands sanctions against the government of Russia in response to the violation of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine and Crimea, its brazen cyber-attacks and interference in elections, and its continuing aggression in Syria.
The amendment will:
· Provide for a mandated congressional review if sanctions are relaxed, suspended or terminated.
· Codify and strengthen existing sanctions contained in executive orders on Russia, including the sanctions’ impact on certain Russian energy projects and on debt financing in key economic sectors.
· Impose new sanctions on: corrupt Russian actors; those seeking to evade sanctions; those involved in serious human rights abuses; those supplying weapons to the Assad regime; those conducting malicious cyber activity on behalf of the Russian government; those involved in corrupt privatization of state-owned assets; and those doing business with the Russian intelligence and defense sectors.
· Allow broad new sanctions on key sectors of Russia’s economy, including mining, metals, shipping and railways.
· Authorize robust assistance to strengthen democratic institutions and counter disinformation across Central and Eastern European countries that are vulnerable to Russian aggression and interference.
· Require a study on the flow of illicit finance involving Russia and a formal assessment of U.S. economic exposure to Russian state-owned entities. )

Prophetic Events While Trump Visits Poland, & The Destruction of ISIS

I reposted a facebook status from April 10, 2012, 12 hrs ago after being in prayer for our world and especially, Poland, and God's will in His church and the rescue of persecuted Christians of Europe and the Middle East. The status reads, "Michael D Tobin
April 10, 2010 · 
Last night in my "Notes" I said, God is doing a "new thing" unsure of exact nature but the U.S. is directly effected by Poland, and the Obama admin. reneged on a Bush agreement for arms withPoland, as they reneged with Israel. We need to be in prayer as all isn't as it seems. My former Pastor Wallace Heflin from Bible school always said "The world is topsy turvy and Israel is God's timeclock for the world's events"."
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While I'm on the subject of being in prayer and praying as the Lord leads, I happened to be broadcasting my latest podcast at the time this article was released. I'll post the podcast below this article. Now, here is the article from today at 2:12PM and updated two minutes after on today, June 9, 2017. 
Trump to visit Poland as part of second foreign trip Friday, June 9th 2017, 2:12 pm PDT

FROM Craig C. White: The two ISIS capitals are under siege in Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. The ISIS organization is expected to be greatly reduced in the next couple of weeks.…/raqqa-isis-attack-battle-off…
I think that the Prophet Nahum predicts the flooding of ISIS in Mosul. Read my commentary titled The End of ISIS is near!

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