In Defense of The Oppressed: The Malheur Refuge Standoff

(Jan. 8, 2018 UPDATE): National & World

Rancher Cliven Bundy released from prison, lawyer says

Bundy would not pay grazing fees

(CNN) - A federal judge on Monday dismissed a case against rancher Cliven Bundy that stemmed from an armed standoff with federal authorities in Nevada four years ago, according to court papers.
Bundy and several others -- including his sons, Ryan and Ammon Bundy -- were indicted by a federal grand jury in 2016 after the showdown two years earlier against federal land managers on the open range where Bundy's cattle grazed and fed.
Cliven Bundy would not pay grazing fees, arguing the land belongs to the state and not the US government.
In December, US District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the case against the Bundys and self-styled Montana militia leader Ryan Payne, CNN affiliate KLAS reported. Navarro said then a fair trial was impossible because prosecutors failed to hand over evidence that could have helped the defense, KLAS reported.
Navarro dismissed the case against the Bundys and Payne in a hearing on Monday, according to court papers.
Bundy was released Monday, his attorney Bret Whipple told CNN.
"Today was the hearing to determine if the mistrial of the court was with prejudice or without prejudice, and Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning that the US Attorney's Office could not bring the case against Cliven Bundy back," Whipple said Thursday.

Navarro had released Cliven Bundy in November during the trial but he chose to stay in prison, saying he didn't want to violate the principle "that other people are still in custody and he would be free," according to Whipple.
"It was important for [Cliven] to go home to his family but it was important to him to go home as a free man, with no contingencies, no conditions," Whipple said.
The federal Bureau of Land Management and local authorities backed down in the face off, halted the roundup of Bundy's cattle and returned about 300 head to avoid any violence.
Authorities later accused Bundy of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, assault on a federal law officer by use of a deadly and dangerous weapon, interference with commerce by extortion and obstruction of justice.
Cliven Bundy was the leader of the movement to extort the federal government into returning his cattle, the indictment said.
"The defendants recruited, organized, and led hundreds of other followers in using armed force against law enforcement officers in order to thwart the seizure and removal of Cliven Bundy's cattle from federal public lands," the indictment said.
Bundy faced life in prison if convicted.
In 2016, Ryan and Ammon Bundy were among those who took part in a 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon after gathering outside for a demonstration to support two ranchers who were convicted of arson, and in defiance of federal land policies.
One man was killed during an attempted traffic stop weeks into the occupation of a vacant building on the refuge. Police said he was reaching for a gun; prosecutors said the shooting was justified. The standoff ended after the last holdouts surrendered to authorities.
Before the final surrender, federal agents arrested the elder Bundy, who did not take part in the 2016 standoff.
In October, the younger Bundys and others were found not guilty of firearms charges and conspiracy to impede federal workers in the wildlife refuge standoff.
The US Attorney's Office had not responded to CNN's calls for comment on Monday.

In Defense of The Oppressed
by: Michael D. Tobin Jan 10, 2016

Psalm 82:3 "Defend the weak and the fatherless;
uphold the cause of the poor and the OPPRESSED."

Right this moment, there are those oppressed who are taking a stand in the state of Oregon for many who our Federal government have oppressed and are still oppressing. Private citizens from all over the western states are there for a just cause, which society as a whole are being deprived of understanding of, and who are willfully ignorant of, and against all friction from state run media, gutless politicians and ignorant and un thankful generations of brainwashed young people of obvious generation belongings, as is evident in so many of their shameful comments seen on social media and news article comments. They can be referred to as sheeple.
Now the Church; the Church has no qualms with the first part of the above verse. Who can argue against defending the fatherless and the poor? (Maybe some of the sheeple can argue with it, but I can't.) But I don't see the last part, "the oppressed", being focused on in the Church. Perhaps it's because of 501c3 status? Don't jeopardize the ability of the government to threaten the ability to award those with something in return for gifts, at tax time. We're supposed to give without accepting anything in return anyway. Or maybe support will cause "division" in the church as a result in taking a stand for those who are oppressed by our government? What is the Church afraid of?
Well, all the excuses in the book will not stand past sermons applied to other subjects at will, but not applied to others, such as "the oppressed." I see cherry-picking going on. Apply the scriptures to what seems easy or convenient to preach about, but not to what we claim we have supernatural boldness, authority and God's favor over. Yes, I see. Do you? Church! Do you really want the "righteous to rule and the people to rejoice?" Then the proof is in the pudding. Put up or shut up. We can turn this country around for at least another minute, if the Church alone will step forward and fill the space that is blank. Let's do it. Raise your voice, live by faith and rely on God. Again.

Tribal & Ranchlands, State-Run media and 

Public Sentiments By: Michael Tobin

   It's amazing how many people are condemning them just the way the government and state run news wants them to.
  As reported Monday Jan. 4, 2015 by Bend Oregon NewsChannel 21, the closest television news station, an NBC affiliate,  to Burns, Oregon, "A member of the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard was back from Burns Monday, attending Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden's town hall meeting in Madras and urging him to visit Harney County and help defuse the protest by militia members who took over federal buildings."I'm concerned -- I'm truly concerned," B.J. Soper of Redmond told Wyden at a town hall meeting that drew a crowd of about 70.Soper told NewsChannel 21 he's well-acquainted with Dwight and Steve Hammond, the ranchers at the center of the dispute, and with the Bundys. He also said he spent weeks in Burns, preparing for Saturday's peaceful protest, unaware what would come next." 
 Many news site commenters keep referring to themselves as against militias standing for property rights in Oregon, Nevada and past demonstrations and militias because they are
paying taxes and protesters are breaking the law. And they commonly repeat that the town of Burns, Oregon are mostly against the protesters. But NO, they want to quit paying FEDERAL taxes on state and Indian land in other states. It is the federal government granting contractors rights to frack on tribal lamds in other states. I want the federal government off your state lamd so I can stop paying for it. It's already been proven that nasty word, unconstitutional, and concerning the constant media reports of the town's unsattisfaction with neighboring and local militia presense, here is one man's report I saw on a supporters facebook, that refutes media reports:

  "i came to Burns Oregon to find out the truth...Now, im just laying here alone in my room taking in all I've learned ..what I can tell you is the media like we all have come to expect is lying...from my view far back as 100miles where ever I ask...who ever I ask...all support the Hammond's and the Patriots !! as of yet I have not found a single soul that live in fear of the Patriots nor think the Hammond's guilty of anything...not a single one...but I did find that fear the media speak of so fast in regard to good men just trying to save our Nation...but that fear was not found against Patriots....I had Americans ...right here on American soil ..telling me of their support for the Bundy brothers and the Patriots that stand with hushed voices...fearful that someone from the BLM might hear...wrap that around your minds people....a whole town bullied by the BLM! behold reality ! right here in the good ole USA...Americans speaking in hushed tones in public places...afraid of who in our gov of power might did we allow this? how did we let it fall so far." Tim Davis 

  With the state running state property, state elected officials are less likely to burn their voters land, homes and livestock. And with state run land, state elected officials have no authority to grant contractors rights to mine, drill and frack on tribal lands. But that just makes too much sense and the US Constitution is too good to be true.

  Tribal leaders and all other militias from all other states all want federal OFF of state and tribal land. Why is the Federal government granting an Australian company mining rights on tribal lan in one state, and why is Federal government granting contractors rights to frack on Tribal land in yet another state? I think state militia and tribes have the same foe. And the US Constitution must be too good to be true, in some people's minds.

  So after reading so many mainstream media articles regarding the whole militia events and now, Tribal Indian concerns, I usually know it's all the same, that it's all being ignored by every Walking Eagle who ever occupied the Whitehouse. So now there are those from many other states demanding what the US Constitution says, and trying to get something done. If this succeeds, no doubt there will be a better deal for tribes and all property owners across the country whether it's in some neighborhood, ranch, farm or rural property. Like I said, we all have the same foe. And it's time they listen.

  It's a good thing there are news sources who don't report the way the state tells them to. Mainstream media should be seen as "state run media" as our own mainstream media likes to call Chinas, Russias and any other socialist countries news. They are all divided yet call for the same thing. redistribution of wealth, state owned land, and a Gestapo to enforce the government decrees. That all sounds pretty typical anti establishment lingo, but it's actually true. If people realized it, there's no way corporate news in the U.S. can actually report accurately, because heads roll, and many have and will bite the bullet for doing so. So they want to support their families and they want to live. That is why it's good to read books and do your own research. Sorry for the long speech but I think it's starting to sink in. Do you notice ALL of Oregon is in on this this year? And in 2014 the rest of Nevada could care less about their own citizens? The commonality is that honest and caring people from many states came to help. They left their families to help one family. That's pretty encouraging.

For the origins of the Bureau of Land Management what is the Constitutional Militia, and how they have exercised their obligations, select this link: 

Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) a British Company? Bunkerville, NV Range War

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Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight Kindle Edition

This book is not time sensitive, meaning that it will never lose it's relevance. In fact, it should be read to relate to any time now and in the future by students, instructors, new believers, non believers and seasoned laypersons. I also avoided listing current statistics that would just waste reading time and space, when we now have internet search capabilities to fulfill those purposes With that said, I think we can agree we all feel like the world is in a NASCAR race full of crashes, delays, cautions, pit-stops and even deaths. This race and all of its' madness has to stop, and I want a sense of peace. He leadeth us to still waters. 
There is an old saying, "the end results justify the means to achieve such results." 
The reason for my book title containing the word, "righteous", instead of greatness, is because it's a pun on Donald Trumps' Presidential campaign slogan, "Lets Make America Great Again." My point throughout this book is to show that righteousness is the means to achieve greatness. Therefore one does not become great in its' desired sense and definition without first becoming righteous. Also, America will never be great, unless the Church is great. I have compiled eleven years of my best essays relating to this books title, and one of them is from twenty-six years ago that I finally wrote in 2006. 
Here are the definitions of righteousness, and great: 
Righteousness: the quality or state of being just or rightful 
Great: wonderful first-rate; very good...

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